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Those first few weeks after your child is born are life changing! It is as if your whole world has opened up and you've just discovered that life wasn't as bright or colourful as it was before your baby entered the world. I want to capture what your feeling, document those beautiful looks exchanged between mother, father and baby. Those moments are so precious that I even have trouble describing them. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words but I know that a picture is worth far more.

Scheduling your newborn session.. I aim to get newborns in as early as possible, within the first 7-14 days is perfect! This is when bubs will be most sleepy and easy to curl into those adorable newborn sleeping positions. I strongly encourage all newborn sessions to pre book using your estimated due date. 


On the day of your session.. A well fed baby is a happy sleepy baby! Please aim to feed bubs before you leave to come to your session or as soon as you arrive. You may need to do a couple of extra feeds during the session to keep baby settled and sleepy. Make sure you get a good burp in, a baby with gas is not a happy baby! Please don't rush either, if you need to feed, burp or settle multiple times during your session that's ok! I schedule all newborn sessions in for between 1.5-3 hours (depending on your chosen newborn collection) so there is always plenty of time.. Babies needs will always come first!  


My home studio is always kept very warm for newborn sessions to help keep baby comfortable while he / she has little or no clothing on, therefore mum & dad should be warned to wear cool comfortable clothing! I will constantly check bubs is comfortable, not too hot and not too cold. Babies safety is always the most important thing to me. All poses (excluding beanbag shots, where I am extremely close) used during your session will require an adult (mum, dad or myself) to be the babies spotter. I will always go through what I need you to do before taking the photograph. If you (or myself) don't feel a particular pose is safe, we wont do it. Communication is key! I want you to feel as comfortable talking to me as you would a long lost friend.


If you have older siblings I always recommend getting the family and sibling shots done first. I also advise to bring an extra person along to keep the older kids entertained while we are doing bubs solo shots as these sessions can be quite long. At my home studio I have a park just up the road, the village is also in walking distance. You are also more than welcome to have your eldest children stay for the duration of the session however they will need someone other than mum to keep an eye on them.


Lets talk props! I have an ever so growing prop collection (addiction?!) however I do also LOVE when parents bring or have special ideas they want to incorporate into the newborn session. These could be things like: something with bubs name or birth details on it, a special blanket grandma knitted, or even something fun & unique that represents your family.. Not too long ago I had a client who loved to ride horses so she brought her saddle! I'm always open to new ideas so if you do choose to bring something along please let me know prior to your session so I can have a think about some possible ideas and create something special for you.

Speaking of something special I have recently added a new product / service to my newborn sessions! I am very excited to be able to offer digital composites to compliment your newborn gallery. Composites are beautiful fine art pieces which are included in all newborn galleries (see image below). 


Before moving onto pricing & collections I also wanted to let you know that I have had my own bay so I completely understand that accidents (wee's and poo's) can and more than likely will happen! Please don't feel embarrassed if bubs makes a little mess, its easily fixed and I have plenty of other props and pieces that we can use! The session will run a lot smoother if mum, dad and baby are relaxed and stress free.      






Pricing Collections


The Keepsake Collection $550 


​- 2.5 - 3 hour session time which includes family & sibling images 

- Editing time along with 20+ images in an online gallery for your selection

- Phone consultation prior to your session 

- Use of props, outfits, wraps plus much more 

​- 1 Boutique keepsake album personalised with babies birth details

- 10 5x7 inch matted prints (to go inside your album)   ​

​- 2 11x14 inch Fine art prints

- 1 Set of Fridge magnets

- 1 set of wallet sized prints

- 2 Keyrings  

​- 15 high res images on a beautiful personalised keepsake USB 



The Craddle Collection $450


- 2 - 2.5 hour session time which includes family & sibling images

- Editing time along with 15+ images in an online gallery for your selection

- Phone consultation prior to your session

- Use of props, outfits, wraps plus much more ​

- 1 11x14 inch fine art print  

- 1 Set of fridge magnets

- 1 Set of wallet sized prints 

- 12 high res images via digital download


The Teddy Collection $350 


- A 1.5 - 2 hour session time  

- Editing time along with 12+ images in an online gallery for your selection

- Phone consultation prior to your session

- Use of props, outfits, wraps plus much more

​- 8 high res images via digital download





*Please note all newborn sessions require a $50 booking fee paid upfront to secure your session. Booking fee then comes off your total package price which is payable in full on your session day.**



Pricing updated Jan 2018