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If your like a lot of the soon-to-be-mums I meet, you may be a little camera shy at the minute, and who can blame you! After all, your body has changed over the last several months, your baby is sitting low and you probably feel uncomfortable walking from the kitchen to the living room.. believe me, I can absolutely relate! However, there is a glow so unique in pregnancy that it is impossible to replicate under any other circumstance. These thoughtful, artistic maternity photos will be treasured by you, your significant other, your friends, your family and your unborn child, forever!


Generally the ideal time to schedule in your maternity mini session is around the 34-38 week mark, when bubs has made your tummy a big comfy home! During the session we will take a variety of photographs. Some will focus in on your adorable baby bump, some might be silhouettes, and others will capture the bond between you, your partner and / or any siblings.



Gender Reveal Session Info

A gender reveal session is generally done around the 20 week mark or as soon as you can find out bubs sex. They can be done two ways.. and I'm happy to photograph either!


​Some people prefer to wait until their gender reveal session to actually find out the sex of their child! The goal here is to capture the element of genuine surprise in all of the photographs. These images will convey raw emotion, including happy tears, gleeful squeals and giant smiles! When gender reveal sessions are done this way, the parents get their doctor to seal an envelope with the sex of baby written inside and give it to a family member, friend or myself.. Someone who keeps the secret and helps plan the session.


The second option for a gender reveal session, and also the most popular one, is when the parents already know the sex of their unborn child and the goal of the session is to creatively reveal what they already know to their friends and family.


Whatever you choose, know that this session is going to be a ton of fun! Before your session we will discuss the various creative ways we can reveal your babies gender to the world, and then if you prefer I will take over and do most of the preparation for you.        



Maternity Mini Pricing  

Both maternity mini sessions and gender reveal sessions are $150 each and include a 1 hour session time along with 8 high res images via digital download




Pricing updated Jan 2018