Basic lustre prints: A basic lustre paper is the most commonly used print paper. It is what you would find at most shops including Kmart, Harvey Norman ect. Quality isn't too bad, however when comparing it to the fine art paper there is just no comparison!  


Fine Art prints: Fine art print paper is a professional grade paper. It is thicker than a basic paper, more vibrant and most photographers who offer prints will always use this over a basic paper because of the amazing professional quality. I offer three types of fine art paper which include: Fine Art Lustre.. most commonly printed, 260gsm in-between a matte and gloss texture, Fine Art Matte.. has a beautiful matte sheen and feel to it 190gsm and finally a Fine Art Gloss.. which is beautiful and glossy 260gsm!

Foam Mount prints: If you have been to my studio you may have noticed the beautiful foam mounts on my walls! They are made using super thick 5mm, foam board and look fantastic on display with a mini art easel or can also be hung flush to the wall.  

Acrylic Mount prints: If you are looking for something that will really stand out then an acrylic mount will defiantly do the trick! The photograph is mounted to a 4.5mm thick acrylic. It is something quite modern and really looks amazing!  

Canvas: I never used to stock canvas.. I've never really been a fan however I know many people love it & its a timeless traditional print so I have recently re-added it to my product list!



Custom Boutique Album $65 each

Boutique Albums

Basic Boutique Linen album.. Plain front cover / no printing.. Holds six 5x7 inch matted prints (also included): $45 each


Custom Boutique Linen album with fully designed front cover (see sample image right).. Holds six 5x7 inch matted prints (also included): $60 each

​ **Boutique albums come in 5 colours to choose from: Teal, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Black or Natural (as shown)**



Gift Idea's

Additional / Replacement USB standard: $30 each

Additional / Replacement USB personalised (see sample image right): $45 each    

​Linen Folio Freestanding Display.. Holds two 5x7 inch matted prints (also included): $40 each

​Linen Folio Freestanding Display.. Holds four 5x7 inch matted prints (also included): $70 each

​5x7 Portrait Keepsake box: $70 each

​Keyrings.. Double sided: $8 each 

​Placemat: $25 each  

Set of 2 fridge magnets $10 each

Laminated jigsaw puzzle (23cmx19.5cm): $20 each

Handmade rustic wooden photo blocks.. 10x15cm $50     20x25cm $130     30cm round block $160

​  Extra digital images.. $15 each, 5 for $50 or 10 for $100

**Please note Print / Product credit can not be used to purchase extra digital images**



                      Printed Photobooks

Hard cover Linen..     6x6 inch: $130           8x8 inch: $150             10x10 inch: $180 ​ Printed photobooks starting from $130

​Glass cover..             8x8 inch: $230     10x10 inch: $280

​Designer Gift box..    8x8 inch: $50         10x10 inch: $70


**Linen printed photobooks come in 12 colours to choose from: Black, Slate Grey, Chocolate, Sienna Brown, Maroon, Indian Red, Navy, Light Blue, Olive, Shamrock Green, Tangerine and Cream**





​**Additional print sizes & paper can be requested and a quote will be made if available. All extra orders will be ordered once fully paid. A $20 courier fee will apply to any orders that need to be flat packed such as canvases and mounts. Print / Product credit (included in session / collection price) must be used within 3 weeks of session date or it will expire as stated in the terms and conditions of your signed contract**  





Updated July 2017